Chadron Hazelbaker

Chadron Hazelbaker is an Associate Professor of Physical Education, Health, and Recreation at Eastern Washington University.

New Year, New Appreciation

While I know that the new year will be similar to the last – full of incredible highs and deep lows, I have decided to be more intentional in my gratitude and appreciation in 2019.

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Search for Spiritual Masculinity

Advertisers tap into fears of men being too soft and not fully male.  One radio commercial for nutritional supplements asks when it became OK for men to be soft and lack physical power – coupling these questions with a call to make men great again.   

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Politics and The Big Game

While money is one of the key drivers of which advertising content is selected, it is far from the only one.  Both the media companies and the NFL work to control the content that is presented as a part of their brand conscious marketing in and around the game.

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