Bruce Meyer

Bruce Meyer writes about the relationship between the physical universe and the pursuit of spirituality.

Intelligent design is religion, not science

The NASA case involving David Coppedge has brought to light the issue of intelligent design again. Coppedge was a computer analyst and team leader working on NASA’s Cassini Saturn Project until he was fired for inappropriate conduct in the workplace. He claims religious discrimination, but NASA says he was harassing …

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Big Bang Theory not created by religion-hating ogres

By Contributor Bruce Meyer I’m always perplexed when I hear pious talk about the Big Bang theory in underhanded, atheistic tones, as if it had been made up in a dark room by malicious religion-hating ogres. It’s a good story, one that doesn’t actually involve any ogres (I hope); only …

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How to lose a girl in less than 10 words

I can lose a girl in less than 10 words. There are all kinds of possibilities. The classics are, “I watch football all day long,” or, “I still live with my mother.” Or there's my favorite, “I want to be a writer.” But those all take six words. I can …

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The real God particle?

Perhaps you've heard the recent announcement by a group of physicists that they have seen hints of a subatomic particle called the Higgs boson. You may have even heard it called the 'God particle' because it's so important.   So what's the big deal? Throughout the past century, a model …

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Is Anybody Out There?

The universe boggles the mind, at least it does mine, and I'm a science fiction writer with a wild imagination. Just think of it: Our sun is one of at least 100 billion stars in the Milky Way and the Milky Way is one of nearly 100 billion galaxies in …

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