Brien Pittman

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Brien’s articles for FāVS generally revolve around ideas and beliefs that create unhealthy deadlock divisions between groups. He has received (minor) writing awards for his short stories and poetry from the cities of Portland, Oregon and the city of (good beer) Sapporo, Japan. In 2010 he was asked to present several articles for the California Senate Committee “Task Force for Suicide Prevention” and has been published by online magazines and a couple national poetry anthologies in print form.

Do psychopaths rule the world?

PATHOCRACY, cool word and it makes a great intro for part two of my exploration of human nature. I’m happy to say that despite my resistance I’ve ended up thankfully, looking at the subject thru a new frame of mind.

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We Don’t See Things As They Are; We See Them As We Are

Perhaps this is why we sum up and judge people within the first 7 seconds of meeting them. We’re not really meeting them; we’re meeting someone from our past or someone that falls out side of our beliefs system. Think about it: what in the world could we possibly know about most people in only 7 seconds?

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Limiting Beliefs Leads To Negative Actions, Habits & Choices

Unfortunately, most of us only think about the “why” after we do something self-diminishing, not before. But, to change undermining beliefs and habits, we will need to think about them before undermining ourselves. In fact, as we shall see, we need to completely change our thinking in some areas, thus changing our brains.

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Neuroscience, Amygdala and Beliefs – Oh My! Part Two

Many people mistakenly think that our running like the wind reaction to bumping into an angry gorilla is due to our emotions, such as fear. Yet, it was an idea—information received from the outside world and evaluated by the prefrontal cortex and other structures, which sparked the emotional and physical reactions. It was basically an idea or belief, which caused your emotion of scared you out of your wits. In short, when you were in the mall you reacted to what you thought, believed or imagined the environment to be.

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