Blaine Stum

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Blaine Stum is a 30-something-year-old native of the Spokane area who was raised in Spokane Valley. He graduated from Gonzaga University with a bachelor's degree in political science. He works in the local political arena and has been involved in LGBT non-profit work for several years.

Police Militarization in Spokane

Welcome to the world of militarized police. Fueled by cash and handouts from the federal government's racist War on Drugs, local police departments across the country have been not-so-slowly collecting military grade weaponry and equipment to unleash in raids and standoffs.

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Income inequality exists in Spokane

In 2012, the median household income for the census tract that covers the downtown core of Spokane was $16,503. Low income apartments dot the urban landscape. Retired seniors, the disabled and the working poor stroll outside their apartment buildings.

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Israel-Palestine and the Elusive Peace

One day, he told me he was from Bethlehem in Palestine. He started to tell me about what life was like in Palestine: clean water was scarce, poverty was endemic, military checkpoints degraded and humiliated people, settler roads cut the occupied territories up and made it impossible for people like him to travel, he had to go through Jordan when visiting home because he would be detained if he tried to return through Israel.

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