Andy CastroLang

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Andy CastroLang is senior pastor at Westminster Congregational United Church of Christ. She is deeply committed to civil discourse between individuals and throughout our community; in interreligious conversation, private conversation, intergenerational conversation and yes, even in political conversation. She has been a supporter of SpokaneFaVS since its inception because she supports this creative effort at thoughtful community conversation.

Raising Men Who Reject Toxic Masculinity

In preparing to be on the panel for SpokaneFAVS conversation on Saturday regarding the Me Too movement, or Time’s Up…I am filled with trepidation. There is so much anger, even rage, and I feel it in myself. There is so much judgment, and I feel it in myself. These are …

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“Prayer is my communion”

You might be deemed foolish by friends or acquaintances if you say you “pray.”  But what do they know of how I “pray,” how you “pray?”  There are too many stereotypes and distortions about praying and they may not be what I mean at all when I say I “pray.”

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