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Andy Pope is a freelance writer currently residing in Moscow, Idaho, where he is a member of Moscow First Presbyterian Church. His work on social justice has appeared in Classism Exposed in Boston, Berkeleyside in Berkeley, California, and also in the Bay Area newspaper Street Spirit, where his regular column, Homeless No More, encourages those making the transition from homelessness to housing. An accomplished pianist and lifelong musical theatre person, Andy is also the author of "Eden in Babylon", a musical about youth homelessness in urban America.

Sacred Texts: Why the Bible Is My Sacred Text

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I think it’s pretty obvious I regard the Bible as my sacred text. Every column I’ve submitted on this site is in some way a reflection of my Bible-based worldview. As to what tradition my biblical emphasis represents, that’s another story. There simply isn’t one. At the age of thirty, when I first began to read the Bible seriously, I was drawn toward verses that illuminate Jesus’ disdain for tradition.

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“Blue Boy” and How I’ve Become Grateful For My Life on the Streets

Looking back over six years, one of the weirdest things about homelessness was the phenomenon of feeling that you’re basically a decent guy with sound moral values, who was brought up in the 50’s on the Ten Commandments, and who was engrained to love God and love his neighbor as himself — and yet, you were thrown in the same bag with hardened street criminals, and people who — unlike Blue Boy — simply did not give a flying hoot about any other human being.

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