Anna Marie Martin

Anna Marie Martin has been a Spokanite since December 2006, when she moved here just in time to experience some of the worst snowstorms in recent history. She dislikes snow (hate is a really strong word). She grew up in Nebraska, and therefore has no need to be exposed to neither more snow nor more football.  Yet, each of these happen every fall and winter, she says.

My resolution: Discipline in prayer

If I wanted to make a resolution (and I do, but they don't usually keep the whole year), I would say: "discipline in prayer." So much of my spiritual life is, like the rest of my life, filled with chaos and unpredictability.

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So this is Christmas…

My husband, Chris, and I decided to have a “real” Christmas tree this year. By “real,” I mean, “fake,” but also I mean, “more real than the three-foot, self-lit, $10 one Chris bought years ago, before we met.” A “nicer fake” tree, if you will.

Chris started the decorating — stringing up LED lights all over the inside of the house. I pulled out the Christmas tree from the garage.

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A wholeness and healing “pilot”

With any TV program, the Pilot episode is the most complicated:  it has to introduce the characters, the world, the plot and conflict lines, and “hook” the viewer into being interested before the first commercial break. Usually, pilots are only aired for the producers, to see if they want to fund the show.  So, often, when the show gets to regular TV, viewers see the second intended episode first, rather than the first, which they don’t see at all.

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