Al Stover

Al Stover is the Eagle Life editor for the Easterner newspaper and a writer for Rant Sports’ Mixed Martial Arts section. He is a journalism major at Eastern Washington University and has interviewed characters like cage fighters, drag queens and paranormal investigators.

Former winery is now center for parents

The brick building that was once the Caterina Winery at 905 N. Washington St, has been transformed into a nest.

Instead of wine racks there are now shelves of LolliDoo and Fuzzibunz brand cloth diapers. Instead of a tasting room, there is now the Nurturing Room where new mothers get massages. Instead of a seating area where wine drinkers could watch live bands, there is now a play area for children and toddlers that features a slide.

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Always love your children

It was my senior year of high school and he and my mother were going through a separation. I had expressed interest in moving in with my mother until he said in a quiet voice that he would disown me if I decided to move out.

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“Aladdin Jr.” enchants audiences at the Bing

The audience sitting in the Bing Crosby Theater was whisked away to the city of Agrabah, where every beggar has a story and every camel has a tail.

The Christian Youth Theater of Spokane’s spring production of “Aladdin Jr.”, premiered May 24 at the Bing Crosby Theater.

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Preaching about politics to make a point is OK

I think it is OK for a pastor to talk about politics to make a point in their sermon, if they can use the topic to help illustrate their point. If using Bill Clinton as an example to illustrate the consequences of lying about adultery will help get the point across, then it is fine.

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