Alan Eschenbacher

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The Rev. Alan B. Eschenbacher serves as pastor of All Saints Lutheran Church.

Finding my sacred calling, finally

When I think of the path taken, the one that called me to the big desk in a nice church office in the oldest neighborhood of Spokane, I am struck by how many decisions came in the form of “I have to do this now, I have no other choice.”

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How to start a Luther-worthy reformation

Martin Luther

I've been thinking a lot lately about the state of the Christian church in America. It seems like a good time to do so around Reformation Sunday; Martin Luther was concerned with the state of Roman Catholic church in his day and worked for reform, and I feel the need to do the same today.

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Why the economic system in the U.S. no longer works

The economic system we have in this world no longer works … if it ever did. I know, I know … Rush Limbaugh says, “it works everywhere, it’s been tried.” So of course we, who benefit from the system, believe what we are told and on and on the juggernaut marches, killing the world, crushing human spirit and making a very few people wealthy.

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Spokane clergy hope to work with police

Eleven inter-faith clergy met with six command staff of the Spokane City Police Department on Monday at All Saints Lutheran Church. The discussion centered on the basis of mistrust between the public and the police, and how an inter-faith group could work with SPD in promoting better communications, and relationship building.

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A heavy heart for the children

My heart is heavy and my soul enraged at the thought of beautiful children shot dead. The sentiments you have all heard these last days about the innocent, defenseless, children killed by a deranged man cause us all to question everything we thought we knew.

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