Ask A Religious Scientist: Is Religious Science part of Scientology?

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Is Religious Science part of Scientology?

Ad_House_SPO_ask-a-religion-scientist_091013The answer is absolutely not. The Church of Scientology is based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard and its practices are very secretive, closed and expensive.

The teaching of Center for Spiritual Living is based on The Science of Mind, a book written by Ernest Holmes in 1926, edited in 1938, and is open to all. We believe that all religions, at their esoteric level, speak to the same truth and though we do believe in spiritual healing, we also know that modern medicine is part of the evolution of humankind.

Within our tradition, centers or churches, are totally independent entities which through affiliation agree to use specific curriculum open to anyone who wishes to join a class. (Although we do charge a class fee, we also allow people to participate in classes without charge.)

There is nothing secretive about our teaching or services and we honor all traditions for their paths to God, or whatever name they may use for their deity.


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The Rev. Joe Niemiec Jr. began his spiritual quest in 1986 when he walked out of a Houston jail and was struck by the realization that his life was in shambles.

He began his quest for ‘getting back on track’ with 12 step programs, followed by learning and practicing meditation with a local Redding, California, teacher.

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Walking the spiritual path has been part of the Rev. Toni Niemiec's life as long as she can remember. She said as a child she was not raised in a “traditional” religion.

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