Ask A Religious Scientist: How did you come upon the path of Religious Science?

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Q. How did each of you come upon the path of Religious Science?

A. The Rev. Joe:

Ad_House_SPO_ask-a-religion-scientist_091013After many years of being an agnostic and finding my salvation through “drugs, sex and rock and roll,” I awoke to the fact that I needed to find a new way of living. After spending an additional number of years in a conscious search for personal spiritual fulfillment through meditation and shamanic practices, I was told about and visited a Religious Science church.

During the first talk I heard, the minister said it did not matter where we came from or how long we stayed; if we returned to an earlier belief, we would go with a deeper understanding of God. I was intrigued because:

  • He didn’t say he had the absolute answer.
  • There was no guilt or shame about where I might have been or that I might not stay in the teaching.
  • Classes were offered on what was believed, so deeper exploration was encouraged.

After beginning to attend these classes, I continued to do shamanic practices. I learned that the minister had studied with a guru, and I found that all paths were honored; Ernest Holmes actually quoted from the Tao and other Eastern texts in his later writings. I found that I could stay in a teaching that honored all beings and found it refreshing to be in oneness rather than continual separation.

A. The Rev. Toni:

In many ways, I was raised with the basic principles of Science of Mind (the teaching Religious Science is based upon). I knew that there was God and only God and that it was loving and ever- giving. I loved the teachings of Jesus and knew they were guides for me to live as a good person. I was taught that Jesus was the way-shower, and that he was the son of God just as each of us is a child of God.

I learned as a teen to not talk about my beliefs — they made me feel “odd” and so I kept them to myself (but I was always astounded as to the beliefs of others). My path took me through Judaism and agnosticism. Then a friend invited me to a fundraising event for her church, which was a Religious Science church. As part of the event, the song “Imagine” by John Lennon was sung. Something in me opened and I knew I wanted to know more. As I studied, I realized I had found my spiritual home.

About Joe Niemiec

The Rev. Joe Niemiec Jr. began his spiritual quest in 1986 when he walked out of a Houston jail and was struck by the realization that his life was in shambles.

He began his quest for ‘getting back on track’ with 12 step programs, followed by learning and practicing meditation with a local Redding, California, teacher.

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About Toni Niemiec

Walking the spiritual path has been part of the Rev. Toni Niemiec's life as long as she can remember. She said as a child she was not raised in a “traditional” religion.

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