Ask A Religious Scientist: What do you believe about Jesus?

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What does Religious Science believe about Jesus?

“Jesus — the name of a man. Distinguished from the Christ. The man Jesus became the embodiment of the Christ, as human gave way to the Divine Idea of Sonship,”  Science of Mind Glossary

Ad_House_SPO_ask-a-religion-scientist_091013Religious Science teaches that Jesus the Christ was the way shower to the embracing of the Christ Consciousness that dwells within each of us.

Most of us would not consider ourselves Christian, because we do not see Jesus the Christ, as our Savior — instead, we consider Jesus as being our teacher. His teaching provided the work necessary to totally embrace the spiritual perfection (Christ Consciousness) which dwells within each of us. We do not believe in heaven or hell except as states of mind — we do recognize the unity of God and creation (rather than duality and separation).


About Joe Niemiec

The Rev. Joe Niemiec Jr. began his spiritual quest in 1986 when he walked out of a Houston jail and was struck by the realization that his life was in shambles.

He began his quest for ‘getting back on track’ with 12 step programs, followed by learning and practicing meditation with a local Redding, California, teacher.

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About Toni Niemiec

Walking the spiritual path has been part of the Rev. Toni Niemiec's life as long as she can remember. She said as a child she was not raised in a “traditional” religion.

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  1. I respect the fact that you separate your beliefs from Christianity. You rightly equate it with Christ’s substitutionary death for fallen humanity, in contrast to regarding Him as merely a teacher. I wish many liberal “churches” would be as honest.

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