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Ask A Mormon: Do Mormons stockpile goods?


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Are Mormons Preppers? Why and where and for how long do they stockpile goods? Why is this, is there an eschatological reason?

Well, I learned a new word today! I had to look up “Preppers”.

Latter-day Saints have been counseled by our leaders to build up food storage at a slow and reasonable pace, with an initial goal of a three-month supply of foods their family regularly eats. I’m sure it’s in the back (or forefront) of some Mormons’ minds that food storage will come in handy should civilization collapse or zombies attack, but in my experience the reasons behind having a food storage are much more practical.

I know many families who have weathered unexpected periods of unemployment or financial hardship relatively easily because they had food storage to draw from. Just a few years ago when we had a significant snowfall, no one in my family had to go out on dangerous roads to join the hoards of Spokanites clearing the shelves of necessities because we already had enough toilet paper, toothpaste, eggs and bread to see us through a couple of weeks of bad weather. We’ve also been able to share with neighbors who were in need because we had enough on hand to spare.

Food storage is just one aspect of what Mormons call “provident living.” Provident living includes becoming self-reliant by learning how to budget, manage and save money; getting a good education and learning employable skills; and yes, having a reasonable supply of food and water on hand. It also includes caring for the poor and needy and serving others, as well as taking care of our own emotional, physical, and mental health needs so that we’re better equipped to help others.

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