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Ask An Evangelical: Is this the End Times?

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Ask An Evangelical: Is this the End Times?


What do you want to know about Evangelicalism? Pastor Rob Bryceson, of The Gathering House Church, and Elizabeth Backstrom, a member of The Gathering House, co-author this column. Submit your question here.

By Elizabeth Backstrom

Are we living in the End Times?

Hi, thanks for your question.


It seems like whenever we get into a particularly gnarly time in history or culture, someone asks this. I’ve contemplated it myself. I always refer back to Matthew 24:36 in these moments: “But about that day or hour, no one knows, not the angels in Heaven, not the Son, but only the Father.”

This could easily be one of those ‘duck the question and say God is in control’ moments, but in this situation it’s actually fair. It’s pretty much impossible to predict when something like the end of the world will be, no matter what religion you’re from, so here’s my take — why spend a lot of time worrying about it? People have incorrectly predicted the end times in many funny ways (although I’m not sure they were funny to them at the time) for centuries. Remember Y2K? Unless we all decide to become survivalists, there’s not a lot we can do, and a close reading of the Bible would show that wouldn’t help much anyway. All the canned beans in the world won’t prevent the actual end of the world if or when it happens.

I prefer to focus on what I can do something about  — advocating for those who need help and living out, to the best of my ability, what I believe God has called us to do in the world.

Elizabeth Backstrom

About Elizabeth Backstrom

Elizabeth Backstrom majored in journalism at Western Washington University and currently works as a content analyst and grant writer in Spokane. Her background is in newswriting and features, but if an overabundance of caffeine is consumed, she has been known to write a humor piece or two. Backstrom attended various Christian churches growing up in Spokane and currently attends First Covenant Church, an inner-city ministry in downtown Spokane.

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