Ask an Atheist: Do you have regular meetings?

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Q. Do Atheists have regular meetings or conventions ? Do they have potlucks? And if so do they have tuna casseroles?

Aw shucks, our secret is out.  We do have regular meetings (two clubs meet on varying Sundays here in town, the Inland Northwest Freethought Society, and the Spokane Secular Society) and larger conventions and meetings are held.  We have even been known to have potluck luncheons, though the tendency is to avoid the cliche fare.

What do you want to Ask an Atheist? Submit your questions here!  


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About Jim Downard

Jim Downard is a Spokane native (with a sojourn in Southern California back in the early 1960s) who was raised in a secular family, so says had no personal faith to lose.

He's always been a history and science buff (getting a bachelor's in the former area at what was then Eastern Washington University in the early 1970s).

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  1. Tiffany McCallen

    When you gather, what’s the topic of conversation? Life in general? Living ethically (but not faithfully)?

  2. Our conversations can veer over quite a wide turf. Usually topics hit on things in the news that relate to secular themes (a politcian shooting his mouth off on evolution for example). Sometimes we have speakers, who can cover just about any historical or scientific area. Ethics and decent human behavior pop up all the time, with members illustrating a practical seat of the pants morality (what are the best criteria for deciding what local charities to raise money for in our groups, for instance) that shows how in practice secularists and atheists are as moral a bunch as you can find.

  3. You don’t know what you’re missing Jim.

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