Ask A Religious Scientist: What Do You Think About Jesus

What do you want to know about Religious Science? Revs. Joe and Toni Niemiec, New Thought ministers, are ready to answer your questions. Fill out the form below or submit your question online.

By Joe Niemiec and Toni Niemiec

What do you think about Jesus?

“If Jesus was the first or only person to multiply loaves and fishes and make the wind and wave obey his will, it was not because God or the Supreme Creative Cause had withheld this same power from others. It was merely because Jesus was the first, and perhaps the only one, who completely accepted his oneness with the Spirit and then acted on that basis. When we make our affirmation in the silence of our own consciousness, we are facing the Divine Reality, dealing with It directly, using Its power consciously,” – Ernest Holmes, 365 Science of Mind: A Year of Daily Wisdom from Ernest Holmes .

From Rev. Joe Niemiec

Rev. Joe Niemiec Jr.

Rev. Toni and I will make our individual responses to this question.

I see Jesus, the person, as the first person (and maybe only) to fully embody the Christ Consciousness. He embodied the consciousness and was the divine example of what is possible(as a human being) that opens to the Sonship of God. He was an example that showed the way. First and foremost he was a teacher.

To speak of Jesus, I must address the New Testament, most of which was written by people that never knew Jesus and was written between thirty to a hundred years later. (There is much controversy over when and what was written and/or changed.) We know that manuscripts from the earliest days of the teachings of Jesus the Christ were destroyed so the Holy Catholic Church had complete control of what we know of the life, and teachings of Jesus.

I personally think of him as a teacher of love and oneness and an example of human potential.

From Rev. Toni Niemiec

Toni Niemiec

The opening quote from Ernest Holmes summarizes well the Science of Mind teaches about Jesus, the Christ.

I was drawn to the Science of Mind because I see Jesus as a Master Teacher, love embodied, an activist speaking and powerfully sharing his Truth, God is I am. I recognize this Unity with the Father and the unfoldment of his life as an offering to humanity. I believe that Jesus was a “way shower” an example of the seed of possibility planted within each of us.

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