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Ask a Religious Scientist: Is there proof for how the world was started?

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By Joe Niemiec

What is the proof that the world was begun by religion?

Ad_House_SPO_ask-a-religion-scientist_091013The short answer is there is no proof.

I believe religion was created so humankind can explain the mysteries of life (and even then there are some mysteries without sufficient explanation). We are told that we were created in the image of God, and yet if you look at the Old Testament, I could make the argument that in an attempt to give God a mental form, he (Old Testament is assuredly he) was pictured as a sometimes benevolent and sometimes angry father figure that somehow was able to keep track of all human behavior and had time left over to judge that behavior and relegate individuals to a particular eternal resting place based on that behavior.

Religious Science teaches that there is a primordial creative force from which all creation emanates, not a God in the Old Testament sense. The Big Bang theory is as good an explanation as any I’ve heard, and actually better than most.

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Scott Davidson

Joe, it is the Bible.


I don’t read the Bible as a historical document.

Scott Davidson

That’s too bad Joe. It is where truth is found. Would love to talk with you someday about it.

Brad Thompson

It is one place, but far from the only place. God spoke creation into being, and so all of creation is literally the Word of God.

Scott Davidson

Are you following me around Brad? That’s ok. Perhaps we could get together some day and discuss.

Yes Brad that is what happened. Makes more sense then something coming from nothing and mankind coming from some primordial soup.

Brad Thompson

Does it? You give God far too little credit.


I totally believe that God, the primordial creative source, spoke creation into being and continues to do so in this moment. The question then is, “How?” and that is where different religions part ways.

Religion in and of itself is a manmade institution created to explain the mystery of life and the Bible only one of many sacred texts. Belief, in and of itself is often unprovable; facts do not change, only interpretation. To say that two people began all human life in a specific garden (or any other belief) is just myth is arrogance. Two thirds of the world does not believe in the Bible as fact. I do respect the truth it alludes to but not as historical fact.

Creation may in fact be spoken into being by God and evolution as part of that creative process. An artist that starts with a blank canvas does not complete a masterpiece with one sweep of a brush.

on vacation for a couple of weeks. I will respond again when I return.

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