Ask A Religious Scientist: Did Ernest Holmes consider Religious Science Christian?

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By Joe Niemiec

Did Ernest Holmes consider Religious Science a Christian religion?

Ernest Holmes would probably have thought of himself as a Christian in his time (he died in 1960). Much of the “Science of Mind Textbook” was based on and/or directly referred to the teachings of The Christ. Each week on his radio show he gave away a bible and spoke of the teachings of The Christ, from a metaphysical view.

Most Christians today acknowledge the Nicene Creed as central to being a Christian. The Nicene Creed is not a part of Religious Science. If speaking to and/or teaching the teachings of The Christ alone defines one as a Christian, we would be considered Christian.

We are part of the New Thought movement and therefore view the Bible not in historical terms but rather metaphysical, metaphorical, mystical. Religious Science is ever evolving while remaining true to its essential teaching. Many in our movement, along with Ernest Holmes have studied the ancient sacred texts of the Eastern and Western religions and recognized the truth at the base of each.

It is difficult to say if Ernest Holmes would have considered Religious Science a Christian religion today. It was never his intent to be a religion at all, rather a philosophical way of living.

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