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By Joe Niemiec 

Why did all of the Religious Science churches change their name to Center for Spiritual Living?

For 50 years there were two distinct and different organizations under the Science of Mind umbrella, United Churches of Religious Science and Religious Science International.

Any church could call itself whatever it wanted to, and it was totally confusing for a person traveling to find a church in different cities around the world. It was also confusing for people who thought we were associated with Christian Science or Scientology, because of the “Science” in the name. Each organization took on the name as a branding tool to be recognized more easily. Established churches did not have to change their names, many recognized the power in the branding idea and like the Spokane church that had been established for over 50 years took the new name as a DBA.

About 10 years ago serious discussion was undertaken to join the two organizations under the title Centers for Spiritual Living. Both independent organizations took on the name , United Centers for Spiritual Living and International Centers for Spiritual Living. When they came together under one roof it became Centers for Spiritual Living. Today there are a few older churches that have kept their longtime names but any new church or teaching chapter is required to use the CSL in their name.

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