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Ask A Religion Scientist: Stance on Health

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By Joe and Toni Niemiec

What is a Religious Scientist’s stance on health, healing and insurance? As a Christian Scientist, my mother relied on prayer alone, and did not use medicine or doctors. Her passing at age 89 was peaceful and painless at home in my arms. Her life had been plagued by illness and surgeries until age 19 when she joined the CS church. Her faith never wavered. She had Medicare but didn’t use it at all.

Religious Science is a teaching that believes all creation is God manifesting in the physical world. The ability each person is given is there to help create a better world, a doctor, acupuncturist, psychologist, or other medical professional may be present to assist physical healing and insurance companies may be used to assist in the payment of those bills.

There are people from all belief systems whose faith is strong and deep enough to create a healthy long life. There is Yin and Yang, people that believe and live a life of health and happiness and those that believe in suffering, and it is their belief that unfolds as their life.

I was introduced to Religious Science over 30 years ago. As an early student one of my classmates had breast cancer. She prayed but did not share her health condition with anyone until she was in great pain and the tumors were large and had metastasized. Finally, full of fear, and shame she told our minister and asked for help. His primary focus became supporting her in self-love, compassion, understanding and acceptance. It was a powerful lesson for all of us.

As a Religious Scientist I know that through prayer healing happens. I also know that it is done unto us as we believe. As a minister I would never suggest that a person turn to Prayer only if having physical challenges, rather I would pray and support them in their healing by whatever form Spirit takes.


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