Ask A Quaker: Heaven and Hell

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By Jonas Cox

Do Quakers believe in Heaven and Hell?

Any time you try and define what Quakers believe you will get a significant number of people who refer to themselves as Quaker who disagree.  We are a noncreedal group of people and therefore do not hold to specific doctrinal points.  

Having said that I have heard many Quakers speak of both heaven and hell as potential afterlife destinations, with heaven or some positive afterlife in the presence of God being far more commonly referred to in Quaker circles than hell.  

Personally, I choose to believe in some form of afterlife, but I don’t think any of us have a clue what it will be like.    

About Jonas Cox

Jonas Cox is a tenured faculty member at Gonzaga University where he works in the Department of Teacher Education. He is a lifelong Quaker, spanning the spectrum of experience from a conservative meeting in Southern Oregon to a very liberal meeting in Washington DC. He currently serves as the clerk of Spokane Friends. When he isn’t teaching, he runs a small farm out on the West Plains where he and his wife of 33 years grow cattle, hogs chickens and Labrador Retriever puppies. You will often find Jonas in the shop where he will tell you the only reason, he farms is so he can have tractors to fix and equipment to build.

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