Ask A Pagan: Zeus and Thor

Ask A Pagan: Zeus and Thor

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By Sophia Kessler

Could you work with both Zeus and Thor?

Thank you for your question. Short answer: many pagans would say, “Yes.”

Many pagans are polytheistic. Some polytheistic pagans work with or worship deities from a single pagan tradition, but most pagans do not follow a specific tradition. Instead, most pagans are what we call eclectic pagans or pagan solitaires, who either blend different pagan traditions or create their own.

Some polytheistic pagans might primarily work with one deity, their patron deity, and work with other deities to a lesser extent. A patron deity is not required, so feel free to work equally with more than one deity.

However, some pagans believe that certain deities don’t want an individual working with both of them, but they would let you know if they did not.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Blessed Be.

About Sophia Kesler

Sophia Kesler is a lifelong intersectional feminist. She has been Pagan most of her adult life, and is looking forward to sharing her faith and knowledge about Paganism with the SpokaneFaVS community. Kessler is a freelance copy editor, freelance internet research specialist, and an aspiring novelist. When she’s not writing, reading, or exploring her faith, she can be found learning how to be a better kitchen witch without making a mess.

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