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Ask a Pagan: When Should I Get My Necklace?


Ask a Pagan: When Should I Get My Necklace?

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Commentary by Sophia Kesler

I’ve been into Norse Paganism for a while now. I’m 16, almost 17, and I’ve seen videos of kids my age getting their necklace and was wondering if there’s a certain age I have to be before I get mine. My family doesn’t want me to be Pagan because they’re Christians. But I’ve been forced to be one and because of that I decided to choose my own path like I was being called by the gods.

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Thank you for your question. There is no right age, right time or right way to receive one’s necklace. You don’t have to earn it or wait till someone gives it to you. This is a personal choice, determined by whether a necklace calls to you. 

You can acquire a necklace in any way that feels right to you — find it, make it, buy it, etc.

If you wait for a necklace to come to you, you could be waiting a while. 

If you feel called to wear a necklace, if it feels right to you, then acquire one and put it on. 

One thing to consider is that, if you are looking to join a specific group, they might have requirements to acquire their group’s specific necklace.

If you’re not willing or able to share your faith with the world, you could always wear your necklace under your clothing. I hope this helps. Blessed Be.

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