Ask A Muslim: Why do you believe in Allah?

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By Admir Rasic 

Why do you believe in Allah?

askamuslimAllah in Arabic really means the God. Christian Arabs have been calling God “Allah” for centuries. Many people that pose this question believe that Allah is some kind of unique deity that only Muslims worship. I had people ask me if I truly believed in one God, why I would refer to him as “Allah,” instead of just “God.” The fact of the matter is that God is called Allah in the Quran (as it is in Arabic), so Muslims worldwide refer to God by the same name. However, Muslims are free to call on God in their native tongues.

In order to answer the question of why I believe in God, I need to reflect on my personal life. I believe in God because I believe that God’s revelations and commandments inspire me to strive to be a better person every day. God’s teaching of compassion compels me to be a kind son, husband, and father. God’s commandment to work for justice compels me to be involved in my community as a volunteer and motivates me to be active in our democracy as a voter. I believe that I can, with the grace of God, leave the world a better place for my daughter.

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