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Ask a Muslim: What Are the Fasting Rules for Non-Muslims During Ramadan?

Ask a Muslim: What Are the Fasting Rules for Non-Muslims During Ramadan?

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Commentary by Maimoona Harrington

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I participated in Ramadan, and I made a mistake with the fasting during menstruation. I am not Muslim, but I still try to follow the practice the right way or at least make up for my mistakes. Does Allah forgive me since I didn’t know, and I had a good intention?

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Muslims believe that Allah is “All-Knowing” and thus knows all our intentions. Allah SWT does forgive as one of his attributes is “Al-Ghafoor” and “Al-Raheem” meaning “Most Forgiving” and “Most Merciful,” respectively. And this is not only for fasting but for all our actions. No matter what and when we seek truthful forgiveness, he will forgive us indeed.

Fasting in Ramadan is obligatory for Muslims. There are some relaxations and exemptions. The elderly, travelers, nursing women, menstruating women, younger children and people with medical conditions are exempted from fasting. However, exempted people like those with temporary sickness, travelers and nursing and menstruating women must make up their fasts.

Fasting in Ramadan is not an obligation for non-Muslims. If you miss a fast, then you do not need to worry about making it up.

Hope I answered your questions and lessened your worry.

Disclaimer: I am not a religious scholar. I try to answer the questions with the best of my knowledge and understanding of Islam as a Muslim.  🕊 

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