Ask A Muslim: Same-Gender Attraction

Ask A Muslim: Same-Gender Attraction

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By Maimoona Harrington

Is it OK to be attracted to the same gender but not tell anyone or marry them?

As per my understanding of your question, it falls under the choices you make and the matters that are between you and your creator only. As an individual, you are free to choose your own actions and behaviors. Your ability to choose falls within your own set of personal boundaries and your moral and religious beliefs, if any.

Now to answer your question, “If you feel attracted to the same gender but not tell anyone or marry them,” this is your personal choice and your own beliefs shape that decision.

In Islam the matters of actions based on your choices are between you and your creator only. So, for all your acts and behaviors you are answerable to your creator only.

Islamic text both from Quran and Sunnah clearly shows that it does not approve or encourage same sex marriage. At the same time Islam whether religiously, ethically and morally does not allow or encourage anyone to demean those who choose to think and act differently – out of the set social or religious boundaries. Thus your actions based on your choices you make are between you and your creator only and only you are responsible for their outcome.

For more details on Islam and homosexuality please see my answer on Ask a Muslim platform for clarification.

About Maimoona Harrington

Maimoona Harrington was born and raised in Pakistan moved to the United States with her family in 2008. She is married and a mother of two sons. She has a bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies and sociology from Pakistan and a bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies from United States. Along with her career as an interpreter, translator and monitor she is also an Islamic and Pakistani Culture Adviser.

As a practicing Muslim with the extensive world travel and living in the West, she has devoted herself to spread awareness of Islam as a goodwill gesture. In an effort to do this she started writing from her own personal experiences with religion, beliefs and life in a different culture. She also has special interest in all the religions and how and why they are all important to its followers. Her primary focus is on the co-existence and harmony between all human beings. Her message is to spread peace not division. She strongly believes that if you want to be closer to your creator then love His creation unconditionally and expect nothing in return for He loves us unconditionally and forgives us no matter how sinful we are!

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