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Ask A Muslim: Is there a translation of the Quran you recommend?


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By Admir Rasic

Is there a translation of the Quran you would recommend for non-Muslims/non-Arabic speakers?

askamuslimSince I do not speak Arabic, I understand the difficulties of finding a scholarly translation of the Quran.

I have recently purchased The Study Quran written by Seyyed Hossein Nasr and so far I think it is a great resource. The introduction is very thoughtful and thorough and the commentary is very enlightening. It is definitely pricier than most Quran translations in English, but it is also a better quality book than many others that I have read. The commentary explains the social and historical events of the Quranic verses, as well as the methodologies used by Muslims to interpret the text.


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Wonderful, I will check this out. Thank you!

Andrew Wheeler

I’ll definitely check out Nasr’s Study Qur’an! My current fav is Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s interpretation with commentary, though he makes some clanky style choices.

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