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Ask a Muslim: Is Nikah the Same Thing as a Marriage?

Ask a Muslim: Is Nikah the Same Thing as a Marriage?

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Commentary by Maimoona Harrington

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Hello. I am not Muslim, but my boyfriend is. He has asked me in order for us to continue our relationship to make Nikah. Is it the same thing as a marriage? I am respectful of Islam, but I also wish for my traditions to be respected. I am not sure if he will respect my traditions also. I feel very conflicted because I love him very much, but I am still finding my own way with my faith and religion and relationship with God. I pray for the answers, but I need help.

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Nikah is a religious ceremony required by Islamic canonical law to unite a Muslim man and woman in holy matrimony. In this ceremony, a Muslim couple legitimizes their wedding in the eyes of God by signing the marriage contract in front of at least two witnesses.

At the end of the official Nikah ceremony, couples are officially and legally married to each other. Thus, Nikah officiates the marriage partnership. Muslim men can marry Jews, Christians and Sabians, all of whom are also known and referred to as “People of the Book.”

So, your marriage to a Muslim is allowed as per Islamic canonical law.

Disclaimer: I am not a religious scholar. I try to answer the questions with the best of my knowledge and understanding of Islam as a Muslim.  🕊 

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