Ask A Muslim: End Times

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By Maimoona Harrington

Do Muslims believe in End Times like some Christians do? If so, what does that look like?

To Him is your return all together. [It is] the promise of Allah [which is] truth.  (Quran: Chapter 10: Verse 4)

Islam is one of the Abrahamic religions and also shares the belief in the end times and resurrection like Christianity and Judaism.

Islamic eschatology consists of two parts: world’s end and the afterlife. The end of the world will be followed by a series of events and along with those events, there will be signs that will manifest and lead to the ‘Judgment Day’ or in Arabic ‘Yawm al-Qiyāmah.’

Some of the signs and events before the end times are mentioned in the Quran (Muslim’s holy scripture) and some derived from the Hadith’s (Saying of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh).

Before resurrection, al-Dajjal (a great deceiver) will come and create chaos, tyranny and turmoil in the world. To bring justice and peace, a religious and political figure will appear. He is known as Imam Mahdi (The guided one). Due to variant sects in Islam there are also difference of opinions on Imam Mahdi, but common themes run through all traditions. Imam Mahdi will have to meet set criteria to be recognized. One of those criteria is that he will have to be from Prophet Muhammad pbuh lineage.

It is believed that he will end Dajjal’s tyranny and oppression and then there will be peace, and everyone will enter Islam. Along with Imam Mahdi appearance, Jesus pbuh the Messiah, will also return at the same time to save humanity from injustice and oppression.

According to Oxford Islamic studies, “There are disagreements over the Mahdi’s precise relationship to Jesus ; some deny there will be a Muslim Mahdi, claiming that Jesus’ second coming will fulfill this role. Some believe that Jesus will return as a just judge; he will die after forty years and be buried in a spot beside Muhammad ‘s tomb in Medina that has been reserved for him.”

Disclaimer: I am not a religious scholar. I tried to answer this question with the best of my knowledge and understanding of Islam as a Muslim

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