Ask A Latter-day Saint: Getting Reinstated as a Member

Ask A Latter-day Saint: Getting Reinstated as a Member

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By Mindy Wright

How do I get reinstated as a member?

“To those who have been offended or lost interest [in the Church], or who have turned away for any reason, we invite all of you to join in full fellowship again with us. The faithful members, with all their faults and failings, are humbly striving to do God’s holy work across the world. “We are confident that many have [wanted] to return, but have felt awkward about doing so. We assure you that you will find open arms to receive you and willing hands to assist you.” [James E. Faust]

“Come, join with us! For here you will find what is precious beyond price … you will find the words of eternal life, the promise of blessed redemption, and the pathway to peace and happiness.” [Deiter F. Uchdorf]

To become reinstated in the church, contact your bishop. If you don’t know who your Bishop is, follow the steps below:

Go to www.churchofjesuschrist.org/map.

Enter your address in the search box.

Click on the name of the nearby ward.

Call the bishop listed.

The bishop will provide all the information you need. He will answer your questions and concerns.  He will provide support and guidance. He will be thrilled to reach out and guide you back!

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