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Ask A Jew: Wearing the Star of David

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By Hyphen Parent

I would like to know if wearing The Star of David as a necklace is culture appropriation? I am not Jewish by blood, but I respect ,with my entirety, the religion.

The Star of David (Magen David) is a widely-recognized Jewish symbol. It is used to identify something or someone as Jewish. A star of David necklace is worn by Jews as part of a Jewish tradition and to take pride in Jewish identity. Yes wearing a Star of David or any traditionally Jewish symbol when someone isn’t Jewish would be cultural appropriation and is best avoided. 

If someone wants to show support for Judaism, there are much better ways to do so. If you want an outward sign, there are yard signs and garden flags with anti-racist messages in multiple languages, often including Hebrew. You can reach out to Jewish friends and let them know you’d love to offer support and help. You can reach out to area Jewish groups to ask if they need volunteers. Although, please don’t feel slighted if they are cautious about people who they don’t know. If there are Jewish cultural events that are open to the public, please feel free to attend. You can speak up against Antisemitism. This is incredibly important in-person and online in our current climate.

People who are Jewish absolutely welcome respect and support. Rather than taking someone else’s symbol, which can lead to confusion and anger, try some of these suggested ways to show solidarity. 

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[…] and not widely written. In the rare cases where it is written out, it is treated with care. In previous essays, I’ve explained why cultural appropriation of Jewish symbols isn’t a good idea, but […]

[…] That being said, the Star of David is a well-known symbol of Judaism. To wear or use one when one isn’t Jewish or isn’t in the active process of officially becoming Jewish is cultural appropriation. I’ve written in the past about this exact topic: Ask A Jew: Wearing the Star of David. […]

I have very much Love and respect for all man kind and a symbol of the Star of David should be warned by anyone that believes in the Lord our father created us all that is why this would is so divided if a Jewish person wears a cross is it bad just like if a non-Jewish person with the star of David is it bad I don’t think so. We are all gods creation whatever we feel will protect us we should be able to use.

[…] That being stated, the Star of David is a widely known image of Judaism. To put on or use one when one isn’t Jewish or isn’t within the energetic strategy of formally changing into Jewish is cultural appropriation. I’ve written up to now about this actual matter: Ask A Jew: Wearing the Star of David. […]

[…] Ask A Jew: Wearing the Star of David – SpokaneFāVS – SpokaneFAVS […]

[…] Ask A Jew: Wearing the Star of David – SpokaneFāVS – SpokaneFAVS […]


can a jewish person wear a star of david earing

Kent Hurley

I think anyone should be able to wear whatever they want to. I’m not Jewish and I decorate for Hanukkah and light the menorah and I make challah, matzo ball soup and latkes for dinner last night of hanukkah. sue me. I’m not religious nor believe in religious dogma at all. I treat all religions with the same thoughts in mind. So if you see it as disrespect keep in mind that I disrespect them all the same. I take what I like and leave the rest. I collect Marys and I’m not Catholic. I have a big Buddah statue and I”m not Buddhist. I have three menorahs and a mazuzah. AT best it can strike up a conversation about how I am not any of those but I support anyone in any of those religions as long as they don’t get too pushy to non-religious people about the rules. Rules are about people not a deity at all.

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