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By Hyphen Parent

Please understand before I ask the question, that I love and support the Jewish people and the State of Israel. The question is: In this time of required wearing of face masks by an oppressive government, if I chose to wear a mask with the Star of David on it, would you or the Jewish community (not progressives) as a whole, be offended? my intention is to acknowledge the danger of requiring citizens to wear any item, badge or perhaps be chipped to carry on their day-to-day lives.

Jews of all political affiliations are generally offended by uses of Holocaust and/or Jewish imagery for things not directly related to Judaism or the Holocaust. The Star of David is a Jewish symbol and is used as a symbol of identity. It is best left for those who are Jewish to use and wear. The yellow Star of David was used as a target by the Nazis and many Jews are never comfortable seeing it used. Many of us have extremely negative reactions even to seeing it used in context or in museums. 

Using such imagery would not at all show your love or support for the Jewish people or Israel, so it would be better to find another symbol more relevant to the current situation. 

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