Ask A Jew: Playing a Jewish Character

Ask A Jew: Playing a Jewish Character

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By Hyphen Parent

As an actor in a play I’m doing for exams, I have to play a Jewish character in the Holocaust, however I myself am not Jewish. Part of the required costume is a Star Of David armband, is this morally wrong? I feel slightly weird about it.

Wearing the arm band as part of a role portraying a Jewish character during the Holocaust isn’t generally problematic. It’s a historically accurate portrayal and the symbol is used as it was at the time. So that’s fine.

Problems arise when someone tries to co-opt Jewish symbols for unrelated causes. Since this use is relevant, it’s fine.

I do want to say that we appreciate the concern. Many other groups and individuals have tried to twist Jewish symbolism to use for their own purposes. So it’s always appreciated when someone, particularly someone who isn’t Jewish, pauses to reflect.

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