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Ask a Jew: Is It Offensive if I Wear the Star of David to Support Israel?

Ask a Jew: Is It Offensive if I Wear the Star of David to Support Israel?

In solidarity with Israel, I’d like to wear the star of David, but I was born Protestant. Is it offensive for me to do this?

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Commentary by Hyphen Parent | FāVS News

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I’ve answered a similar question in the past. I feel like this one, however, needs a little more nuance in the answer.

The star of David (magen david) is a uniquely Jewish symbol. It’s only appropriate for someone who is Jewish to wear it.

However, luckily, there is another more appropriate symbol for anyone who wants to show support of Israel — the Israeli flag. You can display the Israeli flag. If you’re specifically looking for a necklace, there are many different things available bearing that image.

Search places like Etsy to find Israeli artists selling necklaces, hoodies, framed prints, pins and many other options with the flag of Israel. Many of those artists are even holding fundraisers where a portion of the proceeds go to support various nonprofit groups.

For anyone who wants to show their support of Israel, something showing the Israeli flag is a great way to do so.

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