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Ask A Jew: Has your religion influenced your writing?

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Has your religion influenced your writing in any noticeable way? If so, what would you say is the most influenced aspect?

By Neal Schindler

I think Reconstructionist Judaism, the tradition in which I was raised, has significantly informed my sense of humor, my belief in the importance of social justice, my interest in interfaith work and community, and my love of learning. I should give some credit to this progressive branch of Judaism for my involvement with SpokaneFāVS, my wonderful interfaith family, my decision to enter the field of social services, and my career in journalism, which gives me a great excuse to research topics I know nothing about and talk to people I might not otherwise meet.

Above all, I try to use humor in my writing as much as possible. It makes the process more enjoyable for me, lets me put more of myself into my work, and hopefully renders my thoughts a bit easier for readers to digest. During our recent, agonizing election cycle, one of the most effective think pieces I read — and man, were there a ton of think pieces — used irreverent humor to support powerful insights about American society. Where was this masterful essay published? Cracked.com, the online-only spawn of an erstwhile Mad magazine knockoff. And who founded Cracked, back in 1958? A Jew, of course: Sol Brodsky.

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