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Ask A Jew: Cleansing the soul after crimes against Jews

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Ask A Jew: Cleansing the soul after crimes against Jews


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By Hyphen Parent

I am trying to help a man cleanse his soul after committing a crime against the Jewish faith and people. I am not finding any Jewish leaders in Spokane who are showing interest in helping this man (but I am still looking). Can you make any suggestions regarding who else to contact?

In Judaism, we don’t believe we have the ability to grant forgiveness for offenses committed against someone else. If this was a crime committed against a specific synagogue in Spokane, then that is the place to contact. If this is a crime committed against an individual, then that person needs to be contacted. If this is a crime committed against someone else, then the Jewish community in Spokane can’t offer forgiveness.

That being said, many rabbis may be willing to meet with you or your friend to discuss the situation. Just please understand that the Jewish community is particularly worried and on edge right now given recent Nazi marches.
Jewish communities in Spokane include
All of those have contact information on their websites. Phone calls or e-mail are generally the best way to contact them.

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