Ask A Jew: Ashrei Prayer

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By Hyphen Parent

What is the meaning of ” Tzadik Ha Shem Bechol Derachav Ve Chasid Bechol Maasav” from Ashrei?

“Tzaddik Hasham Bechol Derachav Vechasid Becholk Maasav” translates to the equivalent of “G-d is just in all ways and kind in all deeds.”

This is a line from the Ashrei prayer. Ashrei is a prayer typically recited three times a day by observant Jews. We’ve written about this prayer in the past.

There is always much discussion and analysis in Jewish text and prayers, but one explanation I’ve seen for this line is that it’s pretty straight-forward. It tells of G-d’s kindness to all He has created. He is just or righteous and He is kind in all He does. 

 There are always sages who study small details in context or language, but that’s the general idea behind it. 

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