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Ask A Hindu: Garland Necklace

Ask A Hindu: Garland Necklace

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By Sreedharani Nandagopal

I see in photos of respected persons a necklace of something resembling dark brown peach pits strung together. I assume it is something special to the people and religion.  Could you tell me what it is and its significance to Hindu?

India is one of the most multicultural countries in the world, with different languages, ethnicities, religions, and so on. The most common feature, found in all the occasional celebrations, is the usage of garlands.

Garlands are made from many fragrant flowers and used in marriages and elsewhere.  Bride and groom are decorated with Jasmine flower garlands. Garlands are also used in temples to decorate the deities. These temple garlands are made from many different types of flowers, leaves, lemons, and donut-shaped eatables.  

Garlands are a symbol of purity, beauty, devotion, and peace. Rishis (Saints) and many other people also wear garlands with big beads and sometimes big seeds of fruits. It may be to show that they have renounced the materialistic world and are concentrating with divine focus on attaining Moksha or Salvation.  

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