Angel Number Meanings You Should Know

Angel Number Meanings You Should Know

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Nothing in life is a coincidence, including noticing repeating numbers all around you. These are angel numbers. 

Angel numbers are repeating digits that have been getting a lot of traction on Tiktok and Instagram lately, but they’re worth the hype. However, there’s been some confusion about what angel numbers mean and whether it’s “cheating” to look for them deliberately.

We’re clearing up your confusion about angel number meanings and sightings below.

What Does Seeing an Angel Number Signify?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably familiar with the terms “higher self” and “spirit guides.” These are references to spiritual figures that help you find your way in our human world. They’re your guardian angels if you will.

However, these guides can’t speak to you with words unless you’re very advanced in psychic channeling. So, they show you signs to let you know they’re around you, that they’re helping you, and that they love you. Those signs can come in the form of seeing the same animal, feelings of intuition, or angel numbers.

But if you don’t know how to interpret these signs, you may not understand what your guides are trying to tell you. We don’t have time to get into animal significance, but we’re going over different angel number definitions below.

Seeing 111: New Opportunities Are on the Way

Have you ever heard that you should make a wish and/or kiss the clock when you see 11:11? It seemed like an urban legend or a silly superstition when we were younger, but it’s a belief rooted in angel numbers.

The angel number 11, 111, or 1111 signifies new beginnings coming soon. Those beginnings can be in the form of opportunities, new jobs, manifestations that you’ve been working on actualizing soon, or just general encouragement.

The Power or 2: Angel Number 22, 222, 2222

In numerology (which is what angel number interpretation is based on) is a feminine energy number. Not feminine as in the female sex, but feminine as in yin energy. It encourages you to invest in that feminine energy, which thrives in rest and pleasure.

Since love is such a feminine energy, sometimes 2-related angel numbers can signify love on its way.

Seeing Threes: 33, 333, 3333

Three is a lucky number! Seeing repeating threes is a great indication that something great is on its way and that your angels are nearby.

There’s some debate about the 33 angel number meaning, but your intuition will tell you which of the definitions is right for you.

Angel Number Meanings: Trust Your Gut

When you Google angel numbers, you can find different interpretations. The best course of action is to learn about numerology, then choose which angel number meanings to trust from there.

Once you start seeing angel numbers, you’ll see more of them every day. You’ll notice yourself looking at license plates and house numbers, searching for messages. This isn’t cheating – it’s what you’re meant to do!

It shows your guides that you’re looking for ways to communicate, encouraging them to send more messages.

We have a blog full of spiritual information that might interest you. Browse our archive and let your guides tell you which to read!

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