An invitation to join us at the table, help build an interfaith community in Spokane

I think Samuel Pepys 17th century words will ring true in Spokane on April 21. He said, “Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody.” That evening we'll come together for Faith Feast: An Intercultural Progressive Dinner. We’ll come together as strangers, not knowing what backgrounds and perspectives we carry. Because we’re disjointed.

Yet our willingness to share a meal together, to be guests in three sacred places across Spokane and learn about our neighbors by immersing — albeit briefly — in various cultures shows that there’s a desire for interfaith and intercultural connections to be made in this community. 

Yes, this food will unite us, but so will your alacrity.

As editor of Spokane Faith & Values I invite you to spend an evening with us to experience the Spokane Islamic Center, the Sikh Gudwara of Spokane and Millwood Community Presbyterian Church. We'll start at the mosque for halal appetizers, then go to the gudwara for a vegetarian entree and then visit the church for a wholesome dessert. (And a big thank you to our three hosts for giving us a seat at your tables).

It's important to also note that this is our fundraiser. Tickets for this event cost a suggested donation of $80 for a couple or $50 for an individual (tax deductible). Spokane Faith & Values is a non-profit, non-sectarian, news organization. Our mission is to provide in-depth coverage of religion, spirituality and ideas as well as to create a dialogue about said things in this city. We can’t do that without you.

We only have a few tickets left. To reserve one email tracysimmons@spokanefavs.com or call (509) 240-1830.

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