Shabbat Candles by Olaf.herfurth/Wikipedia

An Interfaith-Intercultural Experience in Spokane


By Joseph Niemiec Jr.

I stood on the stage during prayers with my eyes closed. I felt spirit wash over me, recognizing these prayers would ultimately move around the world as Jews in different time zones celebrated Shabbat. I do not understand Hebrew but I “felt” the prayers, further realizing that some may have been created and passed down over two thousand 2,000 years.

A history, a culture, a religion, whichever way you experience the Jewish community in Spokane you have the opportunity to actually experience the culture and history if you give yourself permission.

We as Americans have a right of freedom of religion and therefore each of us also has the responsibility to protect those rights for others. We are not, nor ever have been, a singular cultural entity, except possibly the first boats that landed, our history has been one of cultural intermingling and that will be our future

Stand with me in support of all religions right to be in community, safe and without fear.


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  1. Joe, your words on that night were powerful in the way they unified us. Thank you.

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