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Pete Lineberger

Also please see opinion articles from the Washington Post by Michael Gerson. He was raised in an evangelical environment and still identifies with it. He also is one of those deeply disillusioned Republicans who never seem to be able to get heard by their own party these days. He decries the hijacking of the evangelical movement by that party and particularly by the current administration in the White House. The Spokesman-Review has published a few of his commentaries in the past several weeks and months.

Fred Eans

In regards to Andy Popes article about the beginning of life. He states the Bible does not state when life begins. In the exact words, He is correct. But the Bible was meant to be studied, not read. I do not know why the abortionists, and their defenders, do not give an exact reference that agrees with the entire word of God. In Luke, after Mary’s conception, she immediately made a trip to her cousin Elizabeth, who at that time was with child, in her 6th month, which would be born, John the Baptist. Mary would arrive within a week of her conception. Upon arrival, she was greeted by Elizabeth, without hesitation, that her fetus had jumped in her arrival, upon recognizing the presence of the Holy Spirit. There is no life, without a soul; here we have a six month and a three day fetus, both with souls, who has identities. What more is needed for proof, 2,000 years after the fact.

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