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A Reason to Cry

A Reason to Cry

By Jimmy Young

I have figured out the meaning of life. It is to cry. 

At the end of it all, with a long, hard, cold stare, the only meaning we will find — its only reason, its only rhyme — is to cry. 

Through all the failures and the first place prizes; because I see that I am blind and what I hold and can’t be mine; what I always had and could never find, and what I show and what I hide, is a reason to cry.

In great joy and deep regret, in pain and heartaches, I never get, for what I gave and had to lose, for every day I wore a pair of shoes, for what was gained and what was lost, the bell will ring, we will count the cost, for trying to live and for wanting to die; the price will be to cry.

No doubt the brightest light will show, where no one ever walked to go, is where we should have risen to meet, the joy to share within our reach, instead, we stood upon our feet, upon Eden buried miles deep.

The only answer I could think of as to why?, as hard as I tried, is to cry.

For all the love and all the hate, for those who starved and those who ate, for those who want and those who take, for lies to share and truths to fake, for those who live and those who die, the only outcome is to cry.

 It is because we have got, all we did and all we did not, dice are thrown it’s time to go, so pretend with me you do not know.

All there is left to do, is to get on with it, and there is no such thing, as without you.

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