Millwood Community Presbyterian Church

A lyrical response to the Mainline Decline


By Liv Larson Andrews

Liturgical churches are in decline,

The papers and the clergy whine.

Numbers down?

Don’t wear a frown.

Now faithfulness may truly shine.


You say mainline faith is a bust,

‘Cuz tradition and rituals disgust.

So give them guitars

and pastors in bars…

But in what will we finally trust?


They come to me hungry for healing

So sick of the wheeling and dealing.

The bleeding and broken

Hear good news spoken

This Body is more than a feeling.

About Liv Larson Andrews

Liv Larson Andrews believes in the sensus lusus, or playful spirit. Liturgy, worship and faithful practice are at their best when accompanied with a wink, she says.

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  1. Amen Liv. One thing I think about is the same issue regarding marriage. Is the gift, beauty and joy of marriage somehow less because many choose to not get married? Nope.

  2. I was trying to channel my inner Carl Castle, who used to do the listener limerick challenge on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Maybe NPR is dying too…:)

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