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8 Church Outreach Ideas to Draw in New Members and Engage Current Ones

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A recent poll indicates that 77% of Americans identify with some form of organized religion. Despite this, church attendance is at an all-time low.

That means there’s a vast untapped audience out there for churches across the country if they only knew how to draw them in. 

Check out these church outreach ideas to help attract more people to your church and spread the word. 

1. Create a Welcoming Vibe

One of the best ways to increase your church membership is by making your services accessible to everyone. You can do this by advertising that you’re an Open and Affirming Church (ONA).

This type of church accepts all new members regardless of race, gender identity, or sexual orientation. 

Mention this fact in your online directory advertisements and ask your church members to spread the word. Many people actively search for these types of churches so they’re assured of a warm welcome when they arrive.

2. Get Family and Friends Involved

Hosting a fun event where you ask congregants to bring a friend along is a good way to showcase what your church is all about.

You could host a neighborhood barbecue, a market, or a kid’s event. Glean some ideas from other things on the go in your area to see what people like to do in their spare time.

Your existing church members will be happy to lend a hand with catering and other aspects of organizing the event.  Be sure to remind them about the upcoming fun occasion at every church service leading up to the big day.

These types of functions are an excellent way to show off how welcoming your church is toward everyone in town.

3. Hold Holiday Services

Many people only attend church at Christmas and Easter time, so it’s a good idea to make sure they choose your church for this occasion.

Be sure to make these events a cheerful occasion by putting on a nativity play, decorating your church with festive decorations, or including seasonal activities such as an Easter egg hunt.

These events are your best chance to showcase your church as the place to be when Sunday rolls around. 

4. Build New Relationships

New arrivals in town are often actively searching for a church in their neighborhood. Ask your congregants to let you know when they find out about someone new in town.

Your local utility company may be willing to help you with information on new folks in town too. 

That way, you’ll ensure that your church is top of mind if when they want to attend a service. Be sure to highlight all the fun events your church offers, and leave them a printed welcome pack so they have all the details to hand. 

5. Host a Conference or Performance

Church facilities are perfect for gatherings of large people and interesting or informative talks can attract a large audience. 

Invite a local expert on a specific topic, host an event for college students, or start a women’s worship session. 

Conferences both inspire existing church members and draw attention to your church as a place of learning and inspiration. 

Another way to draw a crowd is with a theatre or musical production. You can either hire a traveling entertainer or get your church members to portray their version of a well-known production. 

6.  Sponsor Something

Sponsoring a sports team, local event, or charity is an excellent way to get your name out there. It sets a good example for people to follow and establishes you as the good guy in their neighborhood.

You don’t need to make a huge financial contribution, you can also sponsor charities by making your church venue or land available when needed. 

A charity fundraising event is another way to do good in your community while getting your members involved. It also doubles as an opportunity for more local people to visit your venue and find out more about your church. 

7. Church Outreach Ideas for Absent Congregants 

Chances are that there are a large number of people who simply can’t get to the church on time for your regular services.

Perhaps they’re in the hospital at the time, on vacation, or live too far away. 

The best way to satisfy their spiritual needs is via modern technology. If you learn how to live stream church service content you’ll be able to attract new church members from around the world.

Most people have access to online content on their mobile phones nowadays, so you can offer them your services wherever they are. Anything works well online, from bible study sessions to full church services.

8. Get the Word Out There

No matter which type of church outreach strategy you choose, it’s all in vain unless people know about it. 

Be bold. Advertise your church activities and services on social media, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can also put up an advertising board outside your church to let passers-by know about upcoming events. A tongue-in-cheek or topical message can attract attention and highlight that you’re a modern-day minister with a sense of humor. 

Get More Great Ideas

A suggestion box is another way to get ideas. Ask your church members to add input on what types of events they’d like to see more of, and put their suggestions into action.

If you found these church outreach ideas helpful, you’ll enjoy some more of our online information.

We’ve got some awesome ideas about the best things to do and see all over the world. Keep reading for more.

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