6 Myths About The Funeral Cost

6 Myths About The Funeral Cost

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Arranging a funeral is the most complex and challenging task. Although a lot of sentiments are attached to the funeral ceremony. Some families incur the unnecessary cost of the cremation. There are many myths about the funeral cost. Here are the most common myths which people think are valid and effective.

Below are the Top 6 Myths about Funeral Cost

1- They are very expensive

The services of the funeral depended upon the family budget and expectations. The funeral homes asked for the charges so that they can itemize them in their general price list. 

These ceremonies could be elaborated and plain. Many homes provide funeral services with detailed packages. So that family could save their money for after funeral cost

2- Need a director for funeral 

Most of the funerals are directed. And it cost more than you think. People of the UK have no legal requirement for such activity. The purpose of choosing the funnel director is convenience. Because the directors arrange the straightforward process. The director asked for the fees for items include coffins, hearse, assistance with any paperwork. Similarly, people believed that with the director, the funeral cost will never be decreased. And they prefer simple funerals in their homes, without any external source.

3- They are for religious people

The funeral cost myths also revolved around the religious corner. People believed that a funeral is just for religious people. Because it is organized with faith. The purpose of giving burial is to show the world that how much that person means to us and how he impacts his closest ones. But people ignored it just because of the cost. They prefer myths on the sentiments and rituals. 

4- embalming law

Embalming is required by law; it suited in such instances when there is no availability of the refrigerator for the dead body in the manner of shipping. Most funeral homes need embalming for the visitors, and thus they charge for it. In such cases, people choose the direct disposition to prevent themselves from the extra funeral cost. But it is not valid; some funeral homes work with the insurance policy. If your insurance your funeral charges before the incident, then they provide services without fees

5- State or veterans will Pay for my funeral

In each state, the program to reimburse the affected family is present. But for this process, there are some stringent guidelines required, and not every individual qualified that. In such cases, people have to follow their own funeral plans rather than depend on the state. The myth does not save your cost and rights. It just for the honored people, like the president, military people, and monument makers. 

6- Coffins are recycled

The most anticipated myth about the funeral cost is that the coffin could be reused after cremation. A simple wood effect coffin is only made for one burial. The deceased body is inside the coffin and remains there until the entire process is done. Once the family is done by the process, then all that is left are bones. And after that, bones are transferred into the bone’s ashes, in whole process coffins is damaged. Thus it is not true that each coffin could use in more than one cremation.  

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