5 Ways that Church Software Can Help Modernize Your Place of Worship

5 Ways that Church Software Can Help Modernize Your Place of Worship

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Are you looking for ways to modernize your place of worship for your congregation? Do you want to find new ways of streamlining common church practices? If so, then you need to learn all you can about implementing modern church software.

Doing so can help you enhance the experience for your members. It can help your congregation to connect, enhance tithing from your visitors, and streamline small groups.

In short, all of the major functions connecting you and your community can be optimized with proper church software. See below for several ways that church software can help you turn your church into a modern place for gathering.

1. Digitize Your Church Directory

Church directories are an essential tool for any place of worship. They can help you to connect your church in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. 

You can use it to place the names and contact info of all of your church’s leadership team, as well as your members. It can be helpful in two separate ways: 

  1. Helps new members (or visitors) find an easier way to connect within the church.
  2. Grows the chemistry between active members and the church’s leadership, making them more approachable.

Both are important. For example, say your church runs a basketball league on Saturday mornings. Your church uses it as a way to grow bonds with like-minded members, as well as a form of outreach for the community.

A new member finds out about the basketball league and wants to reach out to learn more. Using the church directory, they can find exactly who to reach out to to get on a team.

By digitizing your church directory, you make this information available to anyone at a moment’s notice. It makes your members’ contact info available to anyone you’d like but also protected them from any threats. Visit this site for more info.

2. Streamline Your Giving

Proverbs 3:9 tells all believers to “Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all of your crops.” However, before tithing software, it was hard for many to tithe the firstfruits.

Many churchgoers were left to wonder “how can I tithe the firstfruits if I get paid on Friday and don’t tithe until church on Sunday?”. Thankfully, that’s all behind us, thanks to church giving software.

You can set up church donation software on your website and make it available for your members to access 24/7. Now, as soon as they get paid, they can deliver the firstfruits of their paycheck online. Some software will also allow your members to set up a weekly withdrawal for their tithe.

It offers your members more convenience and helps your church to rely on a more consistent donation total from your community. Now that payment is accessible online, members don’t have to remember to withdraw cash from the bank each week or write a check.

You can still offer the old fashioned tithing method in service. Most churches these days have a “two ways to give” speech they incorporate into each Sunday’s message.

3. Visitor Information

Visitor retention is a key piece of growing your church’s community. If visitors feel like they’ve gone unnoticed or unappreciated while visiting your service, they’ll never return.

To make them feel welcomed and appreciated, you need to reach out and nurture everyone that walks in your doors. In fact, studies show that first-time guests make their minds up about your church within the first ten minutes of their visit.

Your service will impress them. Now it’s time to show them that they are loved and wanted. You can use church software to retain their contact information. Then you can proactively get their info.

For example, you can set up a first-timers kiosk outside the main auditorium. You can give them the free stuff in exchange for their contact information, then follow up with them in a few days to connect.

4. POS Services

Does your church have a coffee shop? Bookstore? Cafeteria? If so, then you’ll want to make sure your point-of-sale system keeps up with the times. 

Fortunately, that no longer requires you to have a big, bulky cash register. These days, you can purchase software with square readers. Your volunteers can take credit or debit cards from the iPads you place at the counter.

This is also a great way to retain more visitor information. You can use the software to have them enter their email and join your email listing.

5. Service Production

The improvement in today’s stage production software will astound you. These days, no matter what your church’s budget looks like, you can implement software to run the show. 

You can use things like ProPresenter for the slides during your sermon and provide the lyrics for worship. You can implement Vista to control all of your stage lights from a central desktop. The capabilities are endless.

All of this software enhances the experience for your members and visitors. It also makes production easier to understand for volunteers that are working behind the scenes, even if they have no prior production experience.

Use Church Software to Modernize Your Church Today

If you’ve ever wondered how to modernize your church, implementing new church software is the perfect place to start. 

Start by assessing what needs your church congregation currently has. What are your biggest areas of weakness? Which software can you integrate to turn that weakness into a strength? 

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on modernizing your church, as well as many other topics that you’ll find helpful.

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