5 Indications You Need to Re-Work Your Faith

5 Indications You Need to Re-Work Your Faith

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Every believer encounters a challenging phase in life when they feel they need to rework their faith. Consider it a time to hit the reset button and refresh the lessons of God. Surprisingly, it happens more than once in your life because there are plenty of things to dissuade you from the path of righteousness. But the trouble is that most people do not realize the need for a reset until they walk a long way on the wrong path. However, your inner self always gives subtle signs that something is amiss. You only need to give attention to the voice within and things around to understand when you need to rework your faith. Here are the indications you must watch out for.

You seem to lose trust in God

It is easy to lose trust and question God’s sovereignty when everything seems unrighteous and chaotic. The pandemic is an example of such times when even the strongest believers found themselves questioning their trust in the Divine. But you can regain it by looking back in time when God saves you from falling and failing. He deserves your trust and faith, no matter how bad things are, because He always rescues.

You are constantly tired

A constant feeling of tiredness signifies more than physical fatigue. It could be a sign that you need to rework your faith because your soul gets weary too. Resetting your faith provides rest to your body and soul. It fulfills your life again and does away with the feeling of depletion. Consider hitting the reset button sooner than later when you feel close to burnout. 

You are too busy to pray

Praying connects you with God as you talk to Him directly and share your worries. Failing to pray means breaking your connection with Him, which is the worst thing for a human being. Seek inspiration from Carmelite Monks of Wyoming at such times, and focus on finding your faith again through prayer. You need not give up on your worldly responsibilities altogether, but you can schedule an hour for prayer every day. No one should be too busy to spend time with God, and you need to find a solution to the problem. 

You are consistently pessimistic

A feeling of constant pessimism is another indication you should not overlook. It is time to pause and question your attitude and mindset. Faith gives you hope, and losing your hope means you must focus on regaining your faith in the first place. Hope and optimism will follow naturally. Steer clear of negative thoughts and actions, and rework on healing your soul with positivity.

You do not feel passionate about serving others

Faith teaches service by devoting your time and money to helping others. Such acts of service express your belief in God. But you may lose your passion for serving others at some point. Consider it a warning indication that you need to rework your faith and reconnect with your mission. You may consider volunteering if you cannot contribute financially. But do something as an act of service. 

Losing your faith is daunting, and you must not let it happen. The best way to prevent it is by being vigilant and acting early to rework it when you notice these signs.

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[…] 5 Indications You Need to Re-Work Your Faith – June 7, 2022 […]

[…] 5 Indications You Need to Re-Work Your Faith – June 7, 2022 […]

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