5 Family-Friendly Activities To Do With Kids This Halloween

5 Family-Friendly Activities To Do With Kids This Halloween

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All Hallows Eve, more commonly known as Halloween, is an annual holiday in the United States (and many other parts of the world) celebrated each year on October 31.

This is the night before The All Saints’ Day celebration, which is why many Halloween costumes and decorations are related to black cats, ghosts, witches, and jack-o’-lanterns.

If you and your family are excited to celebrate Halloween this year, keep reading to discover 5 fun family-friendly activities everyone will love.

1. Make DIY Halloween Crafts

If you prefer to spend Halloween at home and avoid the crowds, you can still do fun activities that everyone will love and enjoy. This can include DIY Halloween crafts, making your own costumes, baking cookies, and even making your own Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters. 

2. Create a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for kid-friendly games that’ll keep the kiddos active, a Halloween scavenger hunt is a perfect choice. They’ll not only practice their problem-solving abilities but also work towards a prize.

The prize can be Halloween candy, tickets to a Halloween movie or a themed park, or their very own choice of Halloween costume.

3. Carve Some Pumpkins

There’s nothing more Halloween-y than carving pumpkins! Jack-o’-lanterns are a Halloween staple and this can be a fun family activity. Go to a nearby pumpkin patch or get pumpkins from the store.

Each family member gets to carve a pumpkin and add a unique touch to it. Instead of carving, the little ones can help draw the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin so you can then carve them out. 

4. Make Halloween-Themed Cookies

One of the most exciting Halloween activities for the kids is trick or treating. To make it even more special, why not make unique hand-made Halloween-themed cookies and candy?

The kids can hand them out to their friends and neighbors and you can all participate in making and decorating them as a family. From pumpkin-themed chocolate bites to ghost candied apples, all you need is a little creativity and a lot of sugar.

5. Ghost Hunting

Since Halloween is all about ghosts, one of the best activities to do with your kids is going ghost hunting. If your kids are younger, do a lighter version of this by setting up white bedsheets on a tree or making your own ghost floats.

With older kids, if they’re brave enough, you can go to a haunted house in your area and use a ghost hunting EMF meter to measure actual paranormal activity. Find the best EMF meter for your Halloween adventure on this website: https://www.spiritshack.co.uk/shop/category/emf-meter/.

Plan The Best Halloween Ever With These Fun and Spooky Family-Friendly Activities

It’s never too early to start thinking of family-friendly activities for Halloween. Whether your kids are into trick-or-treating or want to go on a spooky adventure, these ideas will help you get inspired.

Discover more articles like this one over on our blog where we share the best ideas and lists for family fun for all ages and stay tuned for more Halloween tips and tricks.

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[…] 5 Family-Friendly Activities To Do With Kids This Halloween – August 9, 2022 […]

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