5 Cool Christian Christmas Gifts for Teens They Will Love

5 Cool Christian Christmas Gifts for Teens They Will Love

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Christmas time is the season for giving, it’s an opportunity for you to show your family how much they mean to you and share in the goodness of Jesus’ birth. During this time, everyone scrambles to find gifts that their loved ones will appreciate. It’s not an easy task to do for anyone, but shopping for teens can be extremely difficult and throw in them wanting faith-based gifts and it gets even harder. 

We understand that Christmas shopping can be a stressful process and we’re here to help make it a little easier for you.

We’ve compiled a list of five Christian Christmas gifts that your teen will love. So sit back and take plenty of notes! 

Faith-Based Apparel 

It’s no secret that teens love clothes. They’re up on the latest trends and have fun exploring their fashion identity. 

When hearing the term “Christian-based clothing” people may think it means old fashioned and conservative, but that is far from the truth. SACRIZE Christian apparel mixes modern fashion with Christianity. They offer streetwear such as graphic tees, hoodies, and sweatshirts. 

SACRIZE makes proclaiming faith stylish and it’s a gift that your teens will love and wear proudly. 


Jewelry is always a great gift to give someone. It’s fun, shows personality, but can also give glory to God. 

There are plenty of faith-based jewelry brands to choose from such as Holly Lane and Mustard Seed Jewelry. You can choose from bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings all with a deeper meaning and reminder of Christ’s love. 

Blankets With a Message 

Christmas time is usually cold and people like to bundle up with a warm drink and a movie. So why not make sure they’re bundled up in inspiration? 

You can give your teen a subtle inspirational message, with a warm blanket embroidered with a Bible verse or encouraging words. There’s lots of options to choose from such as going with a chic design to a more bold approach with a tapestry. 

You can opt to personally make the blanket, buy them one, or have it custom made by a professional.

Coloring Books 

A great way to relax and ease stress and anxiety is through coloring. In fact, coloring has been proven to help improve sleep, focus, and increase self-esteem

There are plenty of Christian-based young adult coloring books available to choose from. This gift is a great way to provide a stress-relief along with some encouragement. 

Angel Light 

The Bible says that God’s word is a lamp unto the feet and a light unto thy path and you can give this reminder to your teen in the gift of an angel light. 

Angel lights are lamps or night lights with a message. The inscriptions on them can be full Bible verses or inspirational words. Not only are these lights decorative, but they provide a peaceful ambiance and will help your teen to remember that they can always find light in dark times. 

Have Faith in Christian Christmas Gifts 

There are so many great faith-based Christmas gifts to choose from and we hope this list helped you narrow down what to get your teen. You can remind them about the real reason for the season in style and give them Christian Christmas gifts that they’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

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